Monday, September 1, 2014

Francesian Conquest

One of the problems with going back in time with an imagi-nation is that the “history” becomes somewhat pre-ordained. For example, consider my medieval Francesian campaign, where the Redgravian raiders are attacking the Empire. Given that Redgrave is an independent nation in Enlightenment Francesia, destiny dictates that the raiders will ultimately triumph and carve out their own homeland from the Imperial provinces.

As I’ve been playing out the raids, I’ve also been thinking about the development of Francesia from the medieval to Enlightenment eras. With its plethora of Germanic names, I suspect that the Empire ultimately fell to the Germanic barbarians and that later a new empire was founded. So I did it get that way? I’m thinking of a short campaign to find out.

This campaign will be set after the era of the small-scale raids portrayed in the Redgrave Raiders campaign. The Redgravians have consolidated the northeastern provinces into their own united kingdom and now are launching a massive invasion of the Empire. The campaign will essentially use the DBA conquest rules available on the Fanaticus page.

The invaders shall begin from their home province in Redgrave. They will move into the adjacent province and fight a battle. If successful, the province is taken and the invasion will continue to the next territory. If defeated, the march of conquest will be halted for a generation. Let’s see how long before the Empire falls.

Primary Terrain
Bw, LI
3 Cv, 3 HI, Bw
2 HI, 2 Bw, El, Cv

To give the invasion some variety, I plan to give each province a somewhat unique army. Redgrave will have a barbarian army like early Saxons. Argentia will be like a Roman army. Transflumia and Meditera are Imperial provinces but I’d like to give them somewhat different armies than a standard Roman-like one. I think Meditera will be a horse-heavy army. The Draconians will be patterned after the Alexandrian Successor states.

I just need to get painting my Baccus figures.

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