Friday, September 19, 2014


Wow, time flies! So much has been going on in my life in general that I haven't really had time to post. As a result, it's been nearly 3 weeks. Let me catch up.

Board Gaming
We've been playing a lot of our new games.

  • Elder Sign has become my wife's favorite and we have played it 4-5 times. So far, we only lost once. In our latest game,we raced off to a big lead in elder signs only to get cocky and take on too many hard tasks. Our resulting failures brought doom upon us and awakened the ancient one. Our deaths were grisly. We almost lost another, but my brother saved humanity (although I was devoured).
  • We finally tried out Takenoko. It was simple, fun, yet required some thinking. I'm looking forward to playing again. My wife's biggest complaint was that it was over too soon. She was working on a number of objectives, laying out her plans, and diligently putting the pieces in place. Meanwhile, I was furiously completing objectives, causing the game to end before she could bring her well-laid plans to fruition.
  • We also played another game of Cthulhu Gloom. I was very successful in making my family absolutely miserable but my wife insisted on cheering them up!
Speaking of board games, I picked up a new war game based on a post over at Kaptain Kobold's Stronghold Rebuilt. Called Solitaire Caesar, it is a strategic level game of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. I downloaded it and created a virtual board so that I can play on my computer. I've been playing in spare moments but have not yet finished a game. I started well, destroying Hannibal with ease, but those pesky Germans have been chipping away at my northern frontier.

Star League
Although I've neglected to post, I've been slowly working my way through season 2 of the Star League. After 8 games (out of 10), the Canopans have clinched their division and will defend their Star Cup championship. In the other division, the Fomalians seemed to be running away with the division but have stumbled lately to allow the Geminids back into the race. With 2 games left, the Fomalians hold a slim 1 game lead over their rivals. They are scheduled to play in the season finale, which could be a crucial game.

Medieval Francesia
I played out another raid (using a virtual board) in my Redgrave Raiders campaign, Although the raiders made it to the village, the Imperial reinforcements arrived in time to stop their plundering. After a short fight, the raiders were cut down.

I'm still planning to run a Francesian Conquest campaign but I realized I don't have all the figures I need. I'm thinking of pulling out and painting my 2mm ancients to use for this campaign. Meanwhile, painting my Baccus 6mm figures has stalled.

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