Saturday, September 27, 2014

Star League Update

It has been a long time since my last real Star League update. Since then I have completed season 2 and I'd like to provide a short review,

Weeks 4-5
The Fomalians found themselves in 2 tough games. In week 4, they played a determined Denebian team who knotted the score at 1-1 at halftime. The Fomalian offense controlled the ball in the second half but could not find the net until the last seconds of the game. Their late goal propelled them to a 4-0 record. The next game featured a contest between division leaders. Alas, the Fomalian's weak defense was exposed and they fell down 3-0. They dug deep and scored 2 to close within a goal, but then the Canopans scored to put the game out of reach. Final score 4-3 for the Fomalians first loss of the season.

Galactic Division leader:  Canopans 4-1; 1 game lead over Antarens
Stellar Division leader:  Fomalians 4-1; 2 game lead over Geminids and Hydrans

Weeks 6-7
The Fomalians continued their excellent play, winning twice more, The Geminids were hard pressed to keep pace. In week 6, they took a 2-0 vs. the Betelguesans only to have the opponent score in the second half. The Betelguesans pressed hard late in the game. The Geminid goalie managed a late save but the Betelguesans came hard again. Shot! The Geminid goalie reach out, barely deflecting the ball to preserve the win.

Galactic Division leader:  Canopans 6-1; 3 game lead over fading Antarens
Stellar Division leader:  Fomalians 6-1; 2 game lead over Geminids

Weeks 8-9
With the surging Geminids hot on their tail, the Fomalians took a 3-1 lead against the mediocre Hydrans in week 8. Then their defense collapsed. The Hydrans scored one to get close then in the waning seconds of the game, they peppered the Fomalian goal and squeezed one through. The deflated Fomalians gave up an easy goal in OT and suddenly the Geminids were 1 game back. The Fomalians won in the following week but the Geminids kept pace.

Galactic Division leader:  Canopans 8-1; 4 game lead over Antarens. Clinched division in week 8.
Stellar Division leader:  Fomalians 7-2; 1 game lead over Geminids

Week 10+
Only 1 game mattered this week; the match-up between the Fomalians and Geminids. In season 1, the Fomalians lost a week 9 showdown to lose the division to the Geminids. Could the Fomalians redeem themselves? At first, it looked like it. The Fomalians raced off to a 2-0 lead but once again could not hold. The Geminids scored 4 goals and then held off a Fomalian comeback bid to win 4-3. Per Star League rules, a tie is settled by head-to-head record. The two teams split the season series so a playoff was needed. Once again, the Fomalians took the lead; this time with a quick goal at the start of the game. However, the Geminids rattled off 3 goals in the half for a 3-1 lead. The Fomalians scored early in the 2nd half but the Geminids responded with a goal of their own - clinching a 4-2 victory and the division title.

Galactic Division winner:  Canopans 8-2; 4 game lead over Antarens and Denebians
Stellar Division winner:  Geminids 8-3; 1 game lead over Fomalians

Star Cup
The Geminids had their own hopes for redemption. In season 1, they were swept 2-0 by the Canopans in the Star Cup series. They hoped to reverse that results. They started well with a 2-1 lead in the first game. In the 2nd half, however, their defense faltered and the Canopans scored 2 goals. The Geminids pressed to tie the score, but the Canopans stole the ball and scored to ice the game. It seemed that history would repeat itself in game 2. The Geminids held a 1-0 lead only to allow 2 goals. This time, however, they fought back and tied the score late in the game. Into OT they went, but the Canopans raced away with the ball and scored the Cup winner.

Star Cup winner:  Canopans 2 games to 0 over the Geminids.

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