Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Rules for my Starfighter Campaign

I've been thinking about adding maneuvers to my Starfighters rules but have been undecided how to go about it. Today I played a short combat from my Space Templars campaign when inspiration struck me. I could use the same rules for my Starfighters campaign.

For RPG sessions, I've been using variants of my Kevin's Krawl rules. The basic mechanic is simple - a roll on 2D6s of 7 or more is good but less than 7 is bad. I realized I could use that same mechanic for my starfighters.

There are 2 phases:
  1. Maneuver - each of the player's fighters rolls 2D6.
    • 2-6 means that the enemy has a shot at the player's fighter
    • 7-9 means that fighter can shoot at an enemy
    • 10+ means that they player's fighter has managed to tail an enemy (shooting bonus)
  2. Shooting - once again each shooter rolls 2D6.
    • 2-6 misses
    • 7-9 causes 1 hit
    • 10+ causes 2 hits
There are modifier's to each roll for pilot quality, damage, etc. In addition, I added a little bit of decision-making from my original starfighter rules. Each combat round, a pilot can kick in the afterburners. This gives an advantage to the maneuver roll but makes it more difficult to hit anything in the shooting round. The player then can choose to improve maneuvering, albeit at the expense of accuracy.

I ran a short mission with Gunn and Rowe on patrol. Their mission was largely uneventful, although they encountered 3 enemy craft (which fled after being damaged - I remembered to roll for break off after each round).

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