Sunday, October 5, 2014

Starfighters on a Virtual Board

Early in 2013 I posted about a neat little solo WWI air combat game called Eindekker. Later in 2013, I started playing around with a starfighter game. At the time, I considered working up a starfighter version of Eindekker, but I never got beyond pondering.

This week, inspiration suddenly struck and I finally jotted down some rules. I also created a virtual board in PowerPoint so that I could play on my computer.

The virtual board.
I need better graphics for the starfighters.
Like Eindekker, games are 10 turns. Every turn, the player's flight may move 1 zone (tracked on the left). Random tables determine events, including encounters with enemy ships. Combat is based on opposed die-rolls, with the winner inflicting damage on the loser. The virtual board includes tracks for monitoring damage.

There are 3 types of missions available (determined by random roll):

  • Scramble - where the starfighters must defeat waves of attackers
  • Patrol - where the starfighters fly to the disputed zone (DZ) and scout for enemy ships.
  • Offense - where the starfighters fly to the enemy base (EB) zone and attack a target.
I am developing a victory point system to keep track of successes and failures.

I played a game last night and the game has promise.

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