Thursday, October 9, 2014

Star League 3 Update

After 3 weeks in season 3, there are some interesting developments.

In the offseason, both division champions (Canopans and  Geminids) lost their goalies to free agency. Both ended up with inferior tenders for the new season. Meanwhile, the Electrans and Hydrans picked up some new players to bolster their offenses.

Week 1
The Canopans continued their winning ways while the Geminids maintained their mastery over their rivals, the Fomalians. All games were blowouts so their was little suspense this week.

Galactic Division leaders - Canopans and Denebians (1-0)
Stellar Division leaders - Geminids and Hydrans (1-0)

Week 2
Canopans continue to roll. The Electrans and Geminids dueled in the game of the week. For most of the game, the Electrans dominated, but they had trouble scoring. Nevertheless, they were able to stake a 2-0 lead. Then the Geminids came storming back. They scored one goal and then put a lot of pressure on the Electrans. With seconds left in the game, the Geminids found an opening and made a good shot. The Electran keeper dived for a spectacular save to preserve the victory. The Electran win ensured a 4-way tie for first.

Galactic Division leader - Canopans (2-0)
Stellar Division leaders - everyone (1-1)

Week 3
In the Galactic division, the Denebians and Canopans fought through a thrilling match. In the first half, the two teams traded goals. The Denebian goal occurred on a brilliant steal and breakaway. In the second half, the Canopans were driving when the Denebians again stole it, rushed downfield, shot and scored for a 2-1 lead. The Denebian defense then held the rest of the way for the victory. Meanwhile, the former doormats of the Stellar Division both won, leaving the Geminids and Fomalians with losing records.

Galactic Division leader - Antarens, Canopans, and Denebians (2-1)
Stellar Division leaders - Electrans and Hydrans (2-1)

An interesting feature so far has been the increase of offense (2.3 goals per game) and the increased number of blowouts. This seems to be the result of the improved offenses in the Stellar division and the inferior goaltending of the Canopans and Geminids. I've been tempted to tweak the charts a bit to reduce the shots per possession but I've decided to hold off for now. I may allow some mid-season call-ups to improves defenses across the league.

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