Sunday, January 11, 2015

More on the Grayrock Revolution

Per my earlier discussion on the status of the revolution, I decided to apply retroactively Kaptain Kobold’s “Campaign for Alto Peru” proclamation system. I went back through the archives of history and found the following battles:

  1. Maraconi – rebel victory
  2. Dardona – Bluderian victory
  3. Balderdash Pass – rebel victory
  4. Skirmish in the Mountains – rebel victory
  5. Grayrock City Uprising – rebel victory
  6. Siege of Grayrock City – Bluderian victory
  7. Nieuville – rebel victory

I did not realize that the rebels had won three in a row. To be fair, one was a minor skirmish and the other was a popular uprising. The contending sides did alternate victories in field battles, but I think I should include the skirmish and the uprising.

I was doing some back-of-the envelope calculations so I did not do any dice rolling. Instead, I assumed that a victory allowed the winner to claim a neutral political token. If there were no neutral ones, then the loser had to forfeit a token to the neutral pile. I had to fudge the Demoralization Points because I did not always record the difference in losses. Instead, I went through the battle reports and classified each as a minor, moderate, or major victory. I considered most minor victories because they all appeared to be close run things. I classified the Uprising as moderate because of its political implications (loss of the capital). Per my calculations, the status after Nieuville is:
  • Bluderians: 1 political token, 3 dps
  • Rebels: 4 political tokens, 1 dp
Thus, after the last battle the rebels would need to roll 5 or less to win the campaign. I just picked up a die and rolled a 2. However, it seems very anti-climatic. I am very tempted to play out one more battle, although I should give the rebels an advantage. Anyway, here is how I envision the revolution proceeding:

Status – Retreat to Glumport
The rebel victory at Nieuville emboldened the citizenry of Grayrock, sparking a surge of resistance to Bluderian authority. Military couriers were waylaid, supply wagons ambushed, and isolated outposts sacked. Fearful of his supply lines, General Waffenhoffer abandoned the siege of Grayrock City and retreated to the coastal town of Glumport, where he could be supplied by ship.

Meanwhile, the Viceroy and a scattering of Bluderian officials remained besieged in Grayrock Castle, although the royal navy kept them supplied. Nevertheless, the rebels gained complete control over the rest of the city. When Esquire Giovanni marched into the city, throngs of eager Grayrockians cheered his entry. Giovanni called for the Viceroy's surrender but the Bluderian official showed a little backbone and refused.

The King of Bluderia was furious with events in Grayrock. He blamed General Waffenhoffer. In a radical maneuver, the King removed Waffenhoffer and replaced him with a foreigner - the dreaded General "Black Bart" Blackwell. Black Bart vowed to bring the rebels to battle and crush them.

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