Friday, January 2, 2015

Rome Has Fallen!

My office is closed for the new year holiday so I have been catching up on some of my games. Today, I decided to play a quick turn of Solitaire Caesar. The last time I played was over Thanksgiving, and my empire was doing quite well. This turn (the 700s) disaster struck. A horde of Berbers rushed out of the desert, sacked Carthage, crossed into Italy and ravaged the peninsula. Meanwhile, horsemen from the steppes thrust into Greece.

Here is how the "empire" looks now.

The Empire ca 800 AD
Actually, it is now split into two empires: a truncated western empire that holds Hispania and Gaul while the Eastern Empire holds much of the Mideast (and it managed to recapture Egypt this turn).

How long will the empires hold out?

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