Thursday, January 1, 2015

What's in Store for 2015?

As I discussed last year, I am going to avoid “performance-ism” so I won’t be posting a bunch of resolutions. However, I have some thoughts on where my gaming is going in 2015.

·         More board games – in part due to Wil Wheaton’s excellent web series Tabletop, my wife is now totally into board games. We picked up some new games for Christmas. I expect our collection to grow some more and Family Game Night to continue.
·         Sci-fi – this has become my main gaming interest. From my Space Templars RPG adventures to starship battles, I’m totally hooked. Expect more sci-fi games!
·         Francesia – Alas, sci-fi has pushed my horse & musket battles to the background, although One-Hour Wargames has rekindled some interest. I’d like to put together 6mm armies for the main armies but this will be a low priority effort. I do expect the medieval Francesian Conquest to continue.
·         LARP Actually, wargaming is my second favorite hobby. My favorite is live action role-playing (LARPing). I am a member of Amtgard and play on a weekly basis. I mentioned it before in this blog but haven’t discussed it much. I think that will change in 2015. I’d like to include updates on my LARP activities so that I have a record of them

·         Fewer posts – I set out to post more in 2014 than I did in 2013, and I was successful. I am not going to do that in 2015. Throughout the year, I felt pressure to post even if I had nothing to report. I don’t want to do that again. Therefore, it is likely that I will post less in 2015. I still hope to do weekly updates and I have another dozen posts planned for my Retrospective series.


  1. Well, I'd like to see some more horse and musket action in Francesia please. Otherwise where am I going to get any inspiration from? ;-)

  2. Aye, aye Kaptain. I'm planning to use a One-Hour Wargames scenario for the next battle of the Grayrock revolution. Perhaps this weekend.