Sunday, June 7, 2015

Belated Templar Action

Oliver, the cat we rescued last week, is locked in the den while we look for a forever home for him. Our cats don't like him so we can't give him the run of the house. I felt bad for him so I hung out with him in the den this morning. I wanted to play a game but because I was in the den, I could not really pull out my miniatures. The answer - solo RPG. As a result, I played a very belated scene in my Space Templars campaign.

It has been nearly 6 months since I last played out a scene (and I am in the middle of an adventure!). I have been pondering why I don't play more RPG. After all, it takes minimal preparation and materials. But that may be part of the problem. It lacks the tactile experience of one of my miniatures games. I've wrestled with this dilemma before and once again I am debating the issue. I don't want to go with full-blown miniatures, however, because I don't want to add more painting chores to my to-do list.

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