Saturday, June 27, 2015

Random Fun

I just posted another episode of my solo rpg adventures over at Tale of the Templars. I just wanted to make a comment about the game mechanics.

For this adventure, I am randomly rolling up occurrences. Here is my chart:

1-2 Encounter (some kind of creature)
3 - Trap
4 - Skill Test
5 - Random Event
6 - Peace and quiet (roll to see if the characters find some useful "loot")

For random events, I am using a 3D6 table inspired by the table in the Mythic Game Master Emulator. I found this 3D6 version over at the Mythic RPG Yahoo group. Anyway, this table has created some fun surprises.

The first event I rolled was "Possible loss of friendship." Because one of the characters is an android, I could not see how the heroes could have a falling out. However, it popped into my mind that something bad could happen that threatened the lives of one of the characters. The narrative just took off from there.

The second event was "rivalry." When random events are rolled, Mythic encourages you to go with your first instinct. In this case, the most logical rivalry in my mind was to re-insert a pirate captain, previously defeated and imprisoned earlier in this adventure. Once again, the narrative took over. The event itself was short, but it has set up a lot of story possibilities.

Anyway, I just wanted to praise Mythic again for its flexible mechanics that really stimulate the imagination.

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