Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Holy Grail

I suspect that every wargamer is searching for this:

The Holy Grail - their own version of the perfect game. It will be composed of the perfect rules, table, terrain, and figures.

Ever since I got back into miniature wargaming and started blogging about it over 2 years ago,I have been on a quest to find my own personal wargaming Holy Grail. I have made progress. While I am still tweaking them, my rules for a gridded wargame are stabilizing. I have embraced the One Hour Wargames scenarios and army lists. Unfortunately, I have struggled to find figures that met my criteria of being cheap and easy to paint, yet providing an impression of a body of troops. I have experimented with a variety of options - 15mm, 10mm, 6mm, 2mm, and even block armies. I was never completely satisfied - until now.

3mm may be my Holy Grail!
Of course, I've gotten all enthused over miniatures before, only to lose interest over time. However, I have to say that so far I have been extremely pleased with the 3mm figures from Magister Militum. I did a minimal paint job on them yet they don't look horrible when I put them on my battle board. The best thing is that the painting is progressing rapidly (at least for me). Artillery is complete, the Bluderian infantry is done and the Redgravians are almost ready. I started the cavalry but still have a little bit of work. Two armies are almost complete, and it hasn't been 2 weeks yet!

Anyway, enough babbling. I snapped a few shots using some of my 2mm terrain (which should work OK).

View from the Bluderian lines
Redgravian artillery and skirmishers on the hill
Note: MM does not offer skirmishers so I simply used 1 strip of infantry on a base (line infantry uses 2). It is easy to distinguish. I mounted the strip near the front of the base. If I ever get proper skirmishers (I may use some PicoArmor Napoleonics) then I can add a strip to convert them to line infantry).

View along the line
 I mounted infantry on 20mm x 15mm bases while artillery (and eventually cavalry) will go on 20mm square bases.
From the Redgravian side
Ultimately, I plan to double the number of bases in an infantry unit, which should provide a decent amount of mass on the board.

Now I am considering picking up figures from Magister Militum's ancient line to use for my medieval Francesia games.


  1. I'm rather impressed with your little buildings!

  2. Thanks! They were easy, too. Just little blocks of wood that I painted up.