Sunday, August 30, 2015

Air War Over Aetheria

Aetheria is a largely mountainous world, with isolated valleys scattered across the globe. Due to its geography, ground transportation between valleys was very difficult. Ultimately, the Aetherians discovered the ideal solution to their problem - air transport.

Beginning with balloons,

An early balloon
the Aetherians would develop large dirigibles that could carry people and products from community to community.

Of course, these airships also became tools of war. The lumbering giants, filled with troops, could soar over the mountains to invade neighboring valleys. In response, small, fast, and nimble heavier-than-air craft were developed. These could intercept and defeat the airships, if they could get past the screens of aircraft defending the ships.

Because of its geography, Aetheria was divided into a host of smaller states (each controlling a valley). As air transport became more reliable, valleys became connected and larger states developed. Today, the largest of these states is a democratic polity known as the Confederation. Alas, it is not the most powerful. Its members are relatively autonomous so coordinated action is difficult. The most dangerous state is the Empire of the Iron Fist.

Flag of the Empire of the Iron Fist
Centered on a particularly belligerent state in central Aetheria, the Empire embarked on a policy of aggressive expansion, snapping up its weaker neighbors. This has aroused the ire of the Confederation, which is haphazardly preparing for war with the Empire.

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