Sunday, August 30, 2015

Evolution of a New Project

As I mentioned nearly a month ago, I find that I can't force myself to game when I experience gaming doldrums. I just need to ride it out; inspiration will come and I'll be back into gaming.

I had a moment like that last night. It all began with:

We played a game of it last night (I did horribly, but still had fun). Anyway, Fortune and Glory is a pulp-themed adventure board game with a very Indiana Jones vibe to it (I discuss it a bit more here). As I was lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, I was thinking about this game and the setting. For some reason (perhaps because I played Jake Zane, the pilot) , my mind wandered to air combat games. Suddenly it hit me - I want to do a 1930s-style air combat project with imagi-nations.

This has set my brain percolating. I need to figure a few things out.

  • Setting - I toyed with the idea of an alternate history setting (like Crimson Skies) but it did not make sense to me that ground transportation would lose out so dramatically, Instead, I created my own imaginary world, albeit with a 1930s technology level. I laid out my initial description of the setting earlier today.
  • Rules - this may prove problematic because I have struggled to find a set of miniatures rules for air combat that I actually like and can play solo. It dawned on me last night that using a Song of Blades and Heroes style activation system may work. I played a trial game this morning. It has potential but still needs some work.
  • Miniatures - I currently have some WW2 aircraft in 1/600 scale. However, given my imagi-nation approach, I'd like to get some more fanciful figures. I want to stay with 1/600 scale, though. That may be a tall order. I did find some P-26s and B-10s on Shapeways (which I can't find now :( ). I'll have to do some looking around, but I am considereing scratch-building.
Anyway, I am off and running with a new project.

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