Saturday, September 24, 2016

Battle for the Pass

While the army of evil swarmed over Anardendor's northern border, the kingdom's southern reaches were threatened by the barbaric tribes of Swartheria. Bribed by the Dark Lord, they too launched an invasion of their peaceful northern neighbor. Yet the Anarendorians refused to surrender without a fight!

A small force of Swartherians approach the pass into Anarendor. It consists of 2 hordes of barbaric warriors, the bodyguard of one of the barbarian chieftains, and some archers.

Behind a barricade in the pass, the local Anarendorian levy and a company of rangers await the attack. Unknown to the barbarians, there is a secret trail over the seemingly impassable cliffs. Here, the local lord and his retinue of knights prepare to spring a trap.

The barbarians rush forward. The horde is unable to make it over the barricade but their archers devastate the levy.

The hordes die in droves. Meanwhile, the Anarendor knights surge over the ridge. The barbarian chieftain is warned in time and prepares to receive a charge.

The knights and barbarians engage in an epic melee while more horde drops to the ranger's archery.

The rangers move up to the barricade and engage in an archery duel with the barbarians,

And the barbarians learn that it is never wise to challenge rangers with the bow.

The rangers take a chance, surging over the barricade to help the knights.

 The combined efforts prove too much for the chieftain. He and his bodyguard stand firm and refuse to flee. They are cut down to a man.

At least in this sector of the border, Anarendor remains safe!

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