Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just Make Up My Mind!

I was looking for something on my blog and accidentally came across this post, dated January 2014, relating my miniatures history. It's ironic that I came across that post because my miniatures history is experiencing another watershed. I just received my first order of Magister Militum 3mm medievals so my Baccus 6mm are now expendable.

Anyway, let's bring my history up to date:

  • More 10mm - I started a medieval project using Kallistra miniatures. It did not get far.
  • 2mm - I painted up some 2mm Irregular minis for a medieval project
  • 6mm - I sold my 10mm and 2mm miniatures and switched to Baccus 6mm for both my horse & musket and medieval projects.
  • 3mm - I then switched over to Magister Militum 3mm for both horse & musket and now medieval. I plan to get rid of my Baccus medievals.
I just wish I would make up my mind. :)

Note that this does not include my Aetheria project (air combat using Brigade Models' aeronef miniatures; not sure of the scale)


  1. Good grief. Its a worry. I am about to abandon my moderns but must pick either 7yw or WSS for my next and very last project. :)

  2. Indeed it is, although I think I'm finally settling in on a preferred scale