Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thoughts and Plots - Anarendor Project

Introducing Anarendor
For my epic fantasy project, I'm creating a new imagi-nation, which I call Anarendor. Way back when I first founded a LARP group here in Florida, I toyed with the idea of calling it "The Land of the Sun" (Florida being the Sunshine State). We eventually chose another name. Well, for this miniatures project, I decided to call my imagi-nation the "Land of the Sun." I plugged sun and land into an elvish translator I found online and I got anar and ndor - Anarendor.

Anarendor is a peaceful kingdom but evil lurks on its northern border. Deep in the mountains on that border is a dark lord. He has gathered an army of bestial creatures to his banner and now launches them on unsuspecting Anarendor.

On the invasion
Last weekend's invasion of evil scenario did not work out as well as I hoped. As I mentioned in the comments, I think it would made more sense from a narrative perspective to have the evil army trying to get across the river. It seems that in the face of an invasion, the army of good should have defended the crossing without worrying about getting anyone across.

My other beef is that the action was so limited. With only one bridge, most units could not get into contact with the other side. Thus, they sat around with nothing to do. I think this scenario would have worked better with more missile armed troops. Thus, I think it would work better for eras with firearms.

Rules and scenarios
I'm thinking of changing rules for this project. My current medieval rules use DBA-style opposed die rolls. I find the math a little annoying so I'm considering some kind of dice pool mechanism, like my skirmish rules. I'll have to play around with ideas before the next battle.

I may also tweak the scenarios. I've been using One Hour Wargames almost exclusively since I bought those rules. Admittedly, they give some great games but they did not provide the feel I want from this fantasy campaign. One aspect of epic fantasy is that the good guys are confronted from seemingly overwhelming numbers. I want to replicate this on the tabletop. This means swarms of bad guys; the evil army will need to outnumber the good guys.

In order for the scenario to be winnable, however, the bad guys need to die in droves. I'll need to take this into account in the rules

I'd like to use miniatures for this project but none of my 6mm medievals look sufficiently evil. So I am looking at new figures. I have also been itching to convert my medievals to my "holy grail," 3mm. To this end, I have been perusing Magister Militum's offerings. The don't do medievals but at this scale ancients will work.

I do have one beef with MM. The packs are much larger than I need. For example, I want to use Late Roman legionnaires as human infantry. I need about 16 strips but the smallest pack is 60 strips. If I order the variety I want (warbands, chariots, elephants, archers, etc. etc.) then I'll have WAY more strips, and spend more $, than I need. I'm thinking of starting small - just order a pack of legionnaires and a pack of cataphracts. I'll use differences in basing to distinguish troops types. Over time, I will add more types of figures and I'll sell off any excess strips.

In the meantime, I may throw together some block armies to test out rules.


  1. "In order for the scenario to be winnable, however, the bad guys need to die in droves. I'll need to take this into account in the rules"

    Sounds like you want your bad guys to have hordes of things. If only there was a set of rules that offers hordes of the things you wanted. That would be HOTT! ;-)

  2. Thought about HOTT. Wish they had a PDF version

  3. email sent, and an order placed for MM's 3mm (just legionnaires and cataphracts for now)