Friday, October 21, 2016

Projects Update

Now that I have completed phase 1 of my fantasy project, I find myself flitting off to another project. I recently ordered some 2mm sci-fi forces from GZG.

Here they are in the first stage of painting. So far, I painted the bases of the infantry and put on the main coat for the artillery and tanks. I'm creating 2 forces - the Federation will be in blue and a robot army is in silver.

I initially planned on ordering some O8 3mm troops but I wasn't all that keen on their stuff. It actually looked too realistic. I wanted something a little more futuristic, perhaps even space opera-like. Germy's 2mm fit the bill.

This is just the first stage of the project. I'll be basing each stand or vehicle individually. 2 bases will form a unit. I have enough for 5 units of infantry, and 3 each of artillery and tanks for each army. Ultimately, I want to expand the armies to include stompy robots (I really like Germy's 4-legged walker).

To go along with my new troops, I'm making some new terrain, starting with a new battle board.

Don't worry, the felt squares haven't been glued on yet. When I do I'll make sure the gaps aren't visible. I choose a "copper" color because it looks like it could be a desert-y planet (I also may use it for the Swartherian desert of my fantasy project). The board is 18 inches by 24 inches. Using 2 inch squares, I'll have a 9 x 12 board - double my current size. For some time, I've been wanting to expand my board - sometimes 6 squares just does not feel deep enough.

Next up will be making some hills, vegetation, and buildings to match this board.

This doesn't mean that I've forgotten my fantasy project. In fact, I have the next battle in the works, featuring these spiders from Perfect Six miniatures.

They seemed a bit small for 6mm but they are perfectly sized to join my 3mm evil army.

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