Sunday, October 2, 2016

Miniatures Update

During the week I received a package from Scale Creep. My Magister Militum 3mm ancient warriors had arrived. Since then I have been diligently painting them up to represent the good and evil forces contending for my fantasy kingdom of Anarendor.

 Here's witness to my efforts - my very disorganized painting table.

 Some finished product - orcs (top) and the Iron Legion

I am especially pleased with the orcs. For both types, I primed black. I then added some brown (leather armor) on the orcs and painted their faces green. A little gunmetal for the spear tips and tops of the heads (helmets) and red shields completed the figures. I think they stand out quite well; I can tell what they are supposed to be at a distance.

The Iron Legion is a unit of undead knights. They are painted entirely with gunmetal, which gives them a subdued metallic appearance (which I want to contrast with the bright silver armor of the good guy knights). The shields are purple, although the color is difficult to see.

The Army of Evil is based in the volcanic Bleak Mountains. I wanted to create bases that looked like lava fields so I spray painted a dark gray and added red rivers of lava. The bases didn't work out as planned. The gray was lighter than I expected and the red rivers were too muted. Oh well, they now represent ash and rock with rivers of blood, as befits an evil army. Nevertheless, I like I'll easily be able to tell which side the unit is on just from the base color (they good guys will march on lush fields of grass).

There are more stands in the works - orcs in the foreground and good guys behind them. The good guys have been primed in white. To the left are some Anarendor rangers painted in green.

Speaking of miniatures, I made a discovery - some errant sci-fi figures. Earlier this year, I posted that I misplaced some space marines. Well here they were, stuffed in the bottom of a box!

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