Friday, October 7, 2016

The Plot Thickens

My 3mm fantasy project was supposed to be a simple affair between the orc and monster hordes of the Dark Lord vs. the good people of Anarendor.

Things are getting out of hand in my mind. I'm thinking of adding more factions.

It started when I used my 6mm medieval figures to represent enemies attacking the southern border of Anarendor. In my mind, I started populating the southern reaches - the Swartherian barbarians, the Hyanid beastmen, and the good kingdom of Presteria. I then started thinking of adding armies for standard fantasy races - elves and dwarves.

Dwarves. Well there's a challenge, I thought. Who does dwarves in 3mm? Then it dawned on me - I could use Irregular 2mm humans as 3mm dwarves!

Darn! I had a bunch of 2mm that would be perfect, but I sold them off.
My now departed 2mm ancients
 Now I have a mind to re-stock my 2mm forces.

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