Friday, November 4, 2016

Invasion of Zirconia

In my galaxy, Zirconia is a human outpost in the neutral zone between the Federation and the Dominion. Although officially neutral, the Zirconians have been influenced by the Federation, even using Federation military equipment.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the robot armies of the Dominion land upon Zirconian, intent upon conquering and enslaving the human inhabitants. A small force of humans tries to stop the invasion.

The robot army (starting from the bottom edge) advances

One wing of the robot army tries to flank on their left but are opposed my a unit of armor. Robot armor unleashes a barrage on a unit of infantry hidden in the rocks.

The robot armor (left) takes a beating but makes it across the gorge

The robots root out the infantry in the rocks. Meanwhile, more robots smash the infantry on the road, forcing them into cover (upper right)

A general advance on the left. Zirconian missile launchers (on the center hill) try to stop the robots.

 But are blasted into oblivion.

Robots converge on and destroy the defenders in the rocks (upper right),

The battle is over and the invaders are victorious.

Game Notes
Last weekend I got my new sci-fi armies into action. I started a 5 game campaign for control of the planet Zirconia.

The scenario is # 26 - Triple Line from One Hour Wargames. The invading army must try to seize the hill. Clearly, the robots had no trouble with this objective.

The armies are as follows:

  • Dominion (robots) - 3 infantry, 2 armor, 1 artillery
  • Zirconian (human) - 2 infantry, 1 armor, 1 artillery
I used my WISER rules. For modern/sci-fi games, the rules are mirrored off Memoir '44.

This was also the first outing for my new, larger battle board. I am quite pleased with it.

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