Sunday, November 6, 2016

LARP Kit Update

With Christmas just around the corner, I'm taking an inventory of my LARP gear and preparing a Christmas wish list. Last December, I posted a couple of wish lists (for basic and supplementary stuff).

Since then, I picked up a few items. Here is a picture from March:

I dyed my white tunic and red hood to give them a more ranger-like appearance. You can see that I acquired a bow; I also have arrows but they're not in the picture. In addition, I picked up some bracers and greaves (arm and leg armor).

I also purchased a gambeson and made a quiver for my arrows.

Technically, I'm all set with my kit. Of course, like miniatures gamers, LARPers are never satisfied with what they have. I still have some items on my wish list.

Hosen - I have a pair of black hosen (tights) but I'd like to get another pair, preferably in brown, size large. Available from Kult of Athena.

Shoes - I also want to get new shoes, like these. In brown, size 9.

Headgear - I'm still undecided on what to do with respect to headgear. I like the look of the hood, although it provides no protection whatsoever. I could go with the padded coif, or find something that would go under the hood.

Arrowheads - my lovely wife gave me a set of the Gorg arrowheads last Christmas. They've been awesome! I could use a few more (orange or tan preferred).

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