Sunday, March 5, 2017

February Recap

No game this week, and due to a crashed computer my month-end update is a little late.

Six by Six Challenge
February was another productive month, with 5 games completed (2 Four Against Darkness adventures, 2 fantasy battles, and a game of Ticket to Ride). The full list can be found here.

I am averaging 6 games a month, which puts me on a pace to complete the challenge halfway through the year. I suspect, however, that my productivity will peter out over the months.

Boxed Portable Gaming
I have been really enjoying the boxed portable games. In addition to my fantasy campaign, I have also put together a boxed version of Four Against Darkness. Last weekend I picked up some index cards. Now I plan to put character and monster stats on the cards, which should make reference and adventure set-up even easier.

I also ordered more boxes - one for sci-fi, one for horse and musket, and a spare.

New Project
I'm expecting delivery of some more Irregular 2mm figures for colonial era battles. This will allow me to start on my Lumbago campaign for the 6x6 challenge. I am planning one change to this project. Instead of using my own rules, I want to give Bob Cordery's The Portable Wargame rules a try.

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