Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Six by Six Challenge Tracker

As I previously mentioned, I decided to take on Kaptain Kobold's Six by Six Challenge. I will use this post to track my progress throughout the year.

Anarendor (Medieval Fantasy using WISER rules)
1. The Merridale Massacre
2. Battle of Mander's Hill
3. Battle of Pogo Pass
4. Raid on Presteria
5. Harumba Hill
6. Massacre at the Foaming Flood

Lumbago (Colonial using WISER rules)
Replaced by Spandaus and Lewis

Spandaus and Lewis (WWI dogfight rules by Kaptain Kobold)
1. Dirk Downs a Bomber
2. I Guess Training Is Not His Forte
3. Dirk's Patrol
4. Pip's Big Day
5. Spandau in Space
6. Invasion Irma - Aetheria Style

Zirconia and Beyond (Sci Fi using WISER rules)
1. Battle of Vesta
Replaced by Slipstream

Slipstream (Pulp Sci Fi using FU-inspired rules)
1. Surprise Attack!
2. The Templars' Last Stand
3. Say Goodbye to the Sunstone
4. Into the Black Hole and Pirate Panic
5. Cavern of the Rock Men
6. Uninvited Guests

Four Against Darkness (Fantasy Dungeon Crawl)
1. Dark Waters - part 1
2. Dark Waters - part 2
3. Castle of the Chaos Lord
4. Grove of the Gorgon (part 1 and part 2)
5. Crypt of Count Valod
6. Wandering in the Woods

DC Rivals: Batman vs. Joker (Card Game)
1. Jan. 1 (during 12 Games of Christmas)
2. March 12
Replaced by Machinas

1. Nothing Shall Stop These Couriers
2. Saturday Night Race
3. Motorcycle Madness
4. Truck Country

Ticket to Ride (my new addition to the list)
1. Feb. 18
2. Apr. 8
3. May 27
4. July 3


  1. Hello Kevin,

    It may be easier to give setting up a blogger page a go - that way you don't have a post you keep updating; there is a permanent link to a 6x6 tracking page at the top of your blog and you update the page whenever you fell like it.. If you don't know about pages, you create a page, add the pages gadget to your blogger layout, and then add the page to the pages gadget. You can have lots of pages (used to be a 20 page limit). It is what I am using to track the challenge:

    (and you can see my blog's 8 pages between the blog heading and the page heading).

    However, you may not want pages on your blog. It really is a personal preference thing.

  2. I never figured out how to use the pages feature. I'll have to look into it.

    1. I have to say I copied Shaun's approach of setting up a dedicated progress page. And congratulations, you're one game ahead of me!

    2. In fact two games ahead (but who's counting?)!

    3. So you thought it would be a hard challenge, and yet 2 days in and you have played 2 games. And 2 games more than the rest of us? I am jealous! I nearly break out in a sweat when I remember 6x6 means 3 games a month!

  3. Oh, it's easy when I'm off work. I go back tomorrow so I don't know when I'll play again.