Saturday, February 25, 2017

More Portable Adventures

Last week I showed a couple of pictures of my boxed, portable adventure set for Four Against Darkness games. I made a couple of modifications and ran through another module this morning. Here is the latest set:

The right side of the box contains the tactical board, where I run through combats (I expanded on 4AD by putting battles on a grid. I roll for movement on the grid but combat works the same). This time, I am using a couple of meeples for my heroes. I actually like the look and may use them for the time being.

On the left are some papers.

I printed out a page with the characters sheets. One page can actually fit 4 characters but I only have Khamen and Candorra filled out.

Finally, I created an adventure sheet. It includes simplified/streamlined versions of the encounter tables. Rather than use the full 4AD tables, I prefer to customize the encounters for the specific module. I start by choosing a main boss. I then choose vermin, minions, events, etc. that go with the main boss. For example, in today's session, I choose a vampire as the main boss. I then decided what other encounters would make sense in a vampire's spooky castle. I then fill in the encounter table on my sheet.

There is also a grid on the sheet so that I can map out the dungeon. It is smaller than the size recommended in 4AD but I prefer a shorter dungeon anyway. Sometimes I use the 4AD random room generation but other times I don't bother. Since today's adventure was set in a castle, I just used regular sized rooms and randomly rolled for doors.

Here is a closer look at the map. I jot notes about the encounters on the map and in the margins of the sheet.

One enhancement I have in mind is to create a sheet with the adventure's monsters' stats. I was still using a computer to reference the stats. Nevertheless, I was pleased with today's session and I like the progress I am making.

By the way, I finished another 4AD session toward my 6 by 6 Challenge. I still need to do the write-up (which will be on Tales of the Templars). I'll update this post with the link when the account is ready.

EDIT: As promised, here is the account of the adventure.

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