Thursday, January 24, 2013

My "Portable Wargame" Set-Up

Akin to Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame, I put together my own board today. It is a very simple set-up for use with my Risk figures. The board is set up for the Battle of Maraconi, which will be the first battle of a Restless Revolutionaries campaign set in my imagi-nations of Francesia.

The board, measuring 12" x 18", is made of an olive felt attached to a foam core backing. It is divided into 2" squares. Hills are cork. Woods are represented by a tree made of railroad modelers moss attached to toothpicks. Houses are just wood cubes. Troops are attached to wooden bases. All the terrain items were purchased from Michael's.

I will probably make some modifications over time. 2" squares don't hold as many troop stands as I'd like, so I may make a bigger board. I will probably remake the trees using model railroad foliage clusters, as the moss seems a bit too flimsy. Yet I'll be giving this board a tryout fairly soon. Stay tuned for a battle report!

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