Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Unsatisfactory Foothold (Memoir 44 game report)

"Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

The above quote comes from a letter that Eisenhower wrote and planned to publish in case the D-Day landing failed. Fortunately, in real life, he did not have to use that letter. On the table top, however . . .

This game report is way overdue. A couple of months ago, I cajoled my wife into playing Memoir '44 and we chose the Omaha Beach scenario.

Battle 1
I play the Americans; Elizabeth commands the Germans.

I began my attack on the American right flank. I was hoping to sweep over the artillery in the bunker.

 The American storm the beach

The Germans struck back hard, with accurate artillery and rifle fire. Soon, the attack on the right looked like this:
The assault fails

The action then moved to the left flank. The American assault seemed to be succeeding, and the Germans were being worn down. Then the Germans received timely reinforcements (my wife played the Medics and Mechanics card) and the attack faltered.

Finally, the Americans tried to push in the center with an armored assault against the bunkers. Once again, the Germans held on.
The center after the failed armor assault.
Where is the American armor? Destroyed!

At this point, the Commander in Chief (me) had to call off the attack and report that the landings "have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold."

Game Score
Germans - 6 medals
Americans - 0 medals

Battle 2
We switch sides so now I am the Germans.

Elizabeth initiated an attack on the German right.
Here come the Yanks!

Heavy fighting ensued with much bloodshed. Although the Germans suffer severe casualties, they manage to hold on, largely due to a vicious artillery bombardment (I played the Artillery Bombard card, which allows the guns to fire twice).

The American assault fails

The Americans then land their tanks and begin to press forward.
American armor rumbles forward

Again, heavy fighting breaks out. Under cover of the tanks' guns, American infantry actually make it up the bluff.
The village threatened

 But the German defenses stiffen and thrown back the invaders. Once again, American troops withdraw and D-Day is a failure.

Game Score
Germans - 6 medals
Americans - 2 medals

Results for the Night
Omaha is a very difficult scenario for the Americans, and a German victory is most likely. When playing this scenario, it is best to switch sides, as we did. The winner of the night is the one with the most wins or the most overall medals.

My wife clearly had the better of the fight. She absolutely slaughtered me in the first game; I felt like a target on Top Shot. The second game, despite its score, was much closer. My wife did a good job pushing forward against my right. Only my Artillery Bombard saved me there. In the center, she managed to get to the bluff and threaten the village. The German defenses were just too tough. Overall,

Elizabeth - 8
Kevin - 6

A good job by my wife; she earns the laurels for the evening.

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