Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Francesian History

A while ago, I presented a short battle report from the chronicles of Francesia.  

Now I offer a belated follow-up.

With their victory at Blancport, the bulk of the Redgravian forces massed around the city. Meanwhile, King Frederick’s Capitol Army, depleted by reinforcements sent to the battle, assumed a defensive position in Middle March. Learning of its weakened state, Emperor Lester advanced.

Frederick positioned his forces on the far side of a fordable river. Lester had a nearly 2 to 1 numerical superiority, but the bulk of his troops where unreliable Landwehr (militia). Despite the terrain and the lack of training of his troops, Lester decided to attack.

Bravely, the Imperial forces marched forth into battle. As they tried to cross the stream, the Imperials met a withering fire from the Redgravian defenders. Disordered by the stream and hammered by the sure and steady enemy volleys, the Landwehr lost their nerve and broke. With the bulk of his forces running back to the Imperial capital, Lester had no choice but to retreat.

§  Empire (Lester) – 37,000 troops engaged; 4,500 casualties
§  Redgrave (Frederick) – 19,000 troops engagded; 2,000 casualties

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