Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Little "History" Lesson

I did not get a chance to fight the Battle of Maraconi this weeked, so I'll present a little history of Franconia. About a decade prior to the Battle of Maraconi, the Emperor of Silverfern died, sparking a succession crisis and a land-garb by the King of Redgrave.

From the Chronicles of Francesia:
The beloved emperor, Godfrey the Good (called the Good because he slashed taxes; unfortunately this resulted in a reduced military budget, which would have a detrimental effect on the Empire) died without a direct heir. A number of relatives, including Duke Johann of Drakendorf and Godfrey's nephew Lester, staked a claim to the Imperial throne. Lester quickly gained the upper hand, but he still faced opposition. King Frederick of Redgrave decided to take advantage of the turmoil and seize some territory at Imperial expense. As Redgravian forces moved into the Empire, Lester was able to hammer through his selection as Emperor. Hastily, he gathered an army and moved north to confront Frederick.

The first major action of the war took place at Blancport.

A combined land-sea offensive descended upon the Empire. Details have been lost, but the forces that took place were as follows:

  • Empire (Duke Fredio) - 37,000 troops; 7,000 casualties
  • Redgrave (Gen Redmond) - 31,000 troops; 7,500 casualties
It was a hard-fought, bloody battle, but Redmond was able to break the Imperial forces and seize Blancport.

Unfortunately, I did not keep detailed records on the scenarios. I did record total troops and casualties. I used the following guidelines for translating stands to troop counts:

Each stand represents:
  • 4,000 infantry 
  • 6,000 militia 
  • 2,000 cavalry 
  • 20 guns and 1,000 crew + support 
  • 500 casualties per stand lost
The battles were fought using my 2mm troops on a gridded gameboard. I no longer have the rules, but they were essentially a mash-up of the DBA command rules with the Battle Cry combat rules. I still have my 2mm set-up. Here is an example:

A Redgravian army advances on an Imperial city.

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