Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Game Report - Zombies!

On New Year's Eve, our loud neighbors were out in force. They put me in mind of another type of mindless monstrosity:

So we decided to ring in the new year by trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It was a tight race to the helipad, and the last seat out of danger.

All 3 of us are nearing the helipad, but the zombies are closing in.
Elizabeth prefers cooperative games so even though Zombies!!! is competitive she likes to play nicely. She will help other players by moving zombies away from them. I kept telling her that there was only 1 seat on the helicopter and if one of us beat her there she would be eaten by zombies. I encouraged her to do what I was doing - move zombies into her opponent's path.

Elizabeth and Jimmy in a race to the helicopter. But where am I?
She finally took my advice to heart.
Oh, there I am (the red piece) back at the town square!
Yep, she played a card that sent me back to the beginning. That's my girl!

Oh, Jimmy beat her to the helicopter and zombies ate her brains.

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