Sunday, February 23, 2014

Game Night(s) Update

Two Game Nights in the last two weeks!

Star Trek Catan
We played this the previous Saturday but I was slothful about posting the report. I mentioned that I received STC as a birthday gift. We got to try it out. Here are the final positions:
My red empire rules the galaxy!
The rules are nearly identical to classic Settlers of Catan but with a space theme. Starships replace roads; outposts and starbases replace towns and cities; a Klingon raider replaces the thief. The planets produce different resources than the traditional game (resulting in a decline in double entendres about wood and sheep). Nevertheless, it is still the same game. One cool addition is the use of support cards. Each player starts with (and can only have) 1 support card. When a support card is used up (each one can be used twice) it is replaced and the original card goes back to the pile. Each support card has a picture of an Original Series character along with a special ability. These abilities add an extra layer of strategy to the game.

Overall, a fun game. Plus, I won our original playing.

We played 2 games of Dungeon last night.
  1. I played a cleric and generally stuck to levels 1 and 2. I had good luck, rarely losing a fight, and was able to make it out alive with 10,000 gold and the game.
  2. This time Elizabeth (who was a spectator in the first game) played a rogue. She had an incredibly hot hand with the dice, frequently rolling 11s and 12s to smite the monsters into oblivion. She won without much difficulty.

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