Saturday, February 15, 2014

Grayrock Revolution - A Skirmish in the Mountains

Ever since the Battle of Balderdash Pass, the Bluderians have sent scouts into the mountains looking for another way into Maraconi. The Grayrockian rebels have responded by sending their own parties to drive off the Bluderian scouts.

In one of these encounters, young Lord Heddybottom, in command of 3 companies of infantry (one of them being "rangers") and 3 squadrons of light cavalry, had been tasked with scouting out possible trails into Maraconi. While scouting, he ran into a defending force of 3 companies of Grayrock infantry (1 being a "ranger" unit) a 2 squadrons of light cavalry.


  • Rangers can move 2 spaces and still fight
  • Light cavalry only battles with 2 dice

Lord Heddybottom led his force into the wilds of the Maraconian mountains. He came to an area of relatively level and open ground. Spreading out his troops, with the majority on his right, Heddybottom advanced. He soon received word that his flanking force had spotted the enemy.
Opening positions.
Both sides are strongest on the Grayrock left
 Heddybottom's troops reacted immediately. One of his cavalry squadrons charged a unit of Grayrock rangers (in white), causing serious casualties.
 The remaining rangers regrouped. Their disciplined fire disordered the cavalry but Bluderian infantry came to the cavalry's support and drove the rangers away.
The rangers repulsed (left).
Meanwhile, Grayrock infantry advances in the center.
 But the Bluderian infantry would pay for its aggressiveness. Grayrock cavalry counterattacked and the surprised infantry fled to the trees. Meanwhile, battle began raging for "Heddybottom's Hill."
Heddybottom (green cavalry figure) holds his hill while Grayrock cavalry runs amok.
 Heddybottom would not hold his hill for long as 2 Grayrock companies stormed the hill
Grayrockians take the hill.
 Pounded by heavy musketry, the central Bluderian infantry fled, leaving Heddybottom by himself in the open. He quickly rode to join the cavalry on the hill.
Heddybottom joins with the cavalry.
Note the damaged Grayrock infantry (center with casualty marker) retreating.
 The action quickly grew intense. The center Grayrock cavalry charged and wiped out the Bluderian cavalry on the (Grayrock) left. They in turn were wiped out by the cavalry squadron led by Heddybottom himself.
After the cavalry clash.
Only Heddybottom remains on the left.
Meanwhile, the cavalry squadrons on the right begin to make their way to the battle.
Heddybottom then tangled with the Grayrock infantry on the hill only to be forced back.
The aftermath of Heddybottom's Charge.
 The Grayrock infantry on Heddybottom's Hill proved to be a major nuisance. Its musketry driving the Bluderian rangers (green infantry) out of the woods. To address this threat, Heddybottom launched a major cavalry assault on the Hill.
The cavalry assault.
 Although bloodied, the Grayrock infantry retreated in good order off the hill. They were met and supported by another infantry unit that had previously retreated. The pursuing cavalry squadrons were met with a blaze of musketry from the 2 Grayrock companies, which forced them to retreat.

At that moment, the remaining Grayrock cavalry charged the Bluderian rangers who had taken the hill. The rangers broke and fled. Seeing the victorious Grayrockian bearing toward them was too much for Heddybottom. He called for the retreat.
The final position.
Grayrock cavalry on the hill, threatening Heddybottom.
The Grayrock infantry companies are all intact but heavily damaged.


  1. Do Rangers have any reduction in fighting ability or strength to reflect their 'lighter' status? I was looking at using some of the French Resistance rules from M44 for such troops.

    Also, Light Cavalry only get two dice in combat; do they get any 'bonus' for being light in movement or other aspects (an option to retreat two spaces instead of one, perhaps)

    Love your battle reports - look forward to the next one.

  2. Hi Kaptain. Sorry for the delayed response. I kept the rules simple - the only difference for rangers was that they could move 2 spaces (a rule that didn't really work but I plan on discussing that in a post when I get around to it) and light cavalry worked just like regular cavalry except for fewer dice.