Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Notes about Today's Battle

It has been nearly a month since the last encounter of the Grayrock Revolution so I have been itching for action. I finally had the opportunity to run a game this morning.

This game provided an excellent opportunity for a little experimentation. This picture shows a couple of birthday gifts that I have pressed into service:

  • On the far right is the dice tray that I got for my birthday. My Command & Colors dice are sitting in the tray.
  • Next to the dice tray is a Hobbit themed journal. While I play games, I keep notes in a journal (actually a composition book like I used in grade school). My wife thought it would be nice if I had a better journal. I christened it with the battle notes from today's encounter.

This picture gives a somewhat better view of my other experiment:

  • New trees made from a kitchen sponge (unused). The color is awful but I intend to paint them a darker green. I originally planned to use toothpicks for the trunks but I think I may forego that and just mount them on bases. I'll imagine that the lower branches are drooping down, thus obscuring the trunks. Hurrah for lazy rationalization!

 Before I get to the battle report, I have one last observation. The Command and Color rules system does not specify the scale of the battle so one can be flexible. For example, in one battle a unit may represent a company and in the next it represents a battalion. It may not be strictly realistic to use the same rules for each level, but it works from a game perspective. In today's battle, I imagined that each unit represented a company or squadron.

Now on to the fighting!

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