Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fleets Under Construction

After the success of my experiments on Thursday, I started plans on making a couple of small fleets. Yesterday, I picked up some supplies from Hobby Lobby and began to create. I started small, with a cruiser, 2 destroyers, and a squadron of fighters per side. To simplify, the cruisers and destroyers are the same design for both sides (captured and converted perhaps?)

Anyway, here they are:
Assembled ships.
From top to bottom - 4 destroyers, a cruiser, 2 fighter squadrons, and another cruiser
 Construction Notes

  • The hulls are made from pre-cut wood ovals I found at Hobby Lobby. The package I bought has 3 sizes of oval, ranging from about 1" to 2". I'll use the smallest for destroyers, the medium for cruisers, and the large for carriers and battleships.
    • The cruiser's second level is made from a chopped down destroyer-sized oval.
  • Engine nacelles are from a dowel.
  • Scraps of wood and rice* are used for superstructures.
  • Lentils* are used for turrets.
  • Rice or lentils are used for the fighters.
  • I glued the ships to the bases before painting for ease of handling (the cruisers nacelles are actually glued to the base rather than the ship).
* I got the idea to use rice and lentils from The Stronghold Rebuilt.

Today, I primed them black and painted them. I now have two small task forces.

The finished ships
Painting Notes

    • The primer came out a bit liquidy (I don't think I shook the can enough)
    • The white and red had trouble covering the black.
      • I used black because I was lazy and thought it would save me the trouble of painting the bases.
      • In the future, I think I will stick with gray primer. I've had the best results with gray (it covers the figures well but the paint goes over it easily).
    • I added some details in different colors to add a little variety to the ships. Turrets are in gold or silver. The picture doesn't show it but the white ships have blue stripes along the nacelles. I used orange to show the exhaust flames coming from the engines. I especially like the exhaust flames coming from the fighters.
I was initially displeased with the paint jobs (especially before adding some details) but now I think the ships are passable. I'll make some changes to the painting process for my next go around. My desired force composition is:

  • 1 carrier
  • 1 battleship
  • 2 cruisers
  • 4-5 destroyers
  • Half dozen fighter squadrons
I'm also thinking of different designs, such as round, saucer-like ships for my Aquians and jagged, pointy ships for the evil Empire.

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  1. They look very effective; just the kind of 3D counters I was aiming for with mine. And lentils are one of the most underrated modelling items ever - better used this way than eaten, that's for sure :-)