Sunday, November 30, 2014

Battle for Artemesia

Now that I had two space task forces, I wanted to put them into use. So this morning I ran a short game set in my Space Templar universe.

Recently, a coup overthrew the government of the Federation planet Artemesia, which lay near the border with the Empire. The new rulers, a dictatorial band of military leaders, are said to have sympathies with the Empire. A Federation task force has been dispatched to seize control of the space around the planet in preparation for a larger expedition to overthrow the coup leaders. The rebels have seized control of some Federation ships and are preparing to stop the Federation expedition. The two task forces meet in an asteroid belt of the Artemesia's system.

Each task force consists of a cruiser and two destroyers. In addition, each cruiser holds a squadron of fighters.

Ship Move CV Range Def
Cruiser 1 3 3 4
Destroyer 2 2 2 5
Fighters 3 3 0 4
The Federation ships are Quality 3 (cruiser and fighter squadron), 4 or 5 (destroyers)
Rebel ships are Quality 3 (a destroyer), 4 (cruiser), or 5 (a destroyer and fighters)

The Federation has the upper hand in Quality.

The two forces begin on opposite sides of a sparse belt of asteroids (which serve as "cover")

As his flotilla passes through the asteroid belt, Commodore Halty on board the Federation cruiser Aladdin is warned of the approach of hostile ships.

Starting positions.
Rebels are red and Federation ships are white.

Halty orders the launch of his fighters, the famed 501st "Blue Genies" (re-assigned after its battles against the Aquians). He then commands his ships to full thrust. The Genies rush forward into an asteroid belt, but the destroyers lag behind.

The rebel cruiser also launches fighters. Accompanied by a destroyer, the fighters approach the asteroids.

The Blue Genies probe forward
 The aggressiveness of the rebels concerns the Genies' commander and he orders a withdrawal, rendezvousing with the Aladdin.
Both flotillas move forward
 The Genies see an opportunity; rushing forward they launch torpedoes at the rebel cruiser. Their attacks hit the mark - the enemy is damaged.
The Genies strike the rebel cruiser
 The Genies continue their attacks while the Aladdin, with its broadside presented, opens up a withering fire upon the rebel cruiser. It is rendered a crippled hulk. Meanwhile, the Federation destroyers open fire and damage their counterparts. Through the bombardment, the rebel ships are strangely listless

  • Note - for 3 turns in a row, the rebel turn ended prematurely with 2 failures on the activation roll (I'm essentially using the Song of Blade and Heroes activation system).

The Federation pummels the rebel fleet
 The Genies zoom away from the crippled cruiser and engage their rebel counterparts. In the ensuing dogfight, the Genies took some damage and the enemy flees. Both enemy destroyers try to jump into hyperwarp. One succeeds but the other is pounded into submission.

End of the battle.
A rebel destroyer and fighter squadron (bottom left) flee
The Artemesia system is now open to a full scale assault against rebel-held areas. The Blue Genies earn a commendation for their efforts in crippling the rebel cruiser.

Final Tally
Federation - Blue Genies took minor losses. No other damage
Rebels - lose a cruiser and destroyer. The other destroyer was lightly damaged before fleeing.

  • The game lasted 7 turns for about 30-40 minutes - quick and easy resolution
  • I randomly rolled for Quality. The rebels were hurt by their higher (i.e. worse) scores. For 3 consecutive turns, the rebels's turn ended prematurely.
  • Dogfights seem to be dragging (over multiple turns). Perhaps I should not allow saving rolls to hits inflicted by a dogfight.
  • I'm already envisioning follow-up scenarios. 
    • I think a Federation battleship should appear to bombard rebel installations on the planet; I can see a bunch of rebel fighters attacking it.
    • I'm now pondering a sci-fi land battle for control of the planet. I just need rules and miniatures!

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