Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Little Gaming

I took advantage of some free time to play a little this morning.

Tales of the Templars
A new episode of my Space Templars campaign has been posted here.

Solitaire Caesar
A while ago, I mentioned that I picked up Solitaire Caesar after reading about it on the Stronghold Rebuilt. Since then, I have been playing a campaign very slowly (about 1-2 turns per week, though I missed a few weeks recently). I made it up to turn 10 today, and am doing pretty well. Here is the way my empire looks, ca. 700 AD.

I'm doing the game with a virtual board, created in PowerPoint. I am able to use Shapes to represent the units (red for Romans and blue for barbarians) and cities. I even use virtual dice using this website.

I managed to hold off the Gothic and Hunnic invasions, preserve the western part of the empire, and reach a peak of 16 cities by 500 AD. Since then, Arab invasions sacked Jerusalem and Egypt. I think I am still in a position to survive another 800 years, although I think I'll lose territory in the east as the Arabs grow in power.


  1. I'm assuming that the triangles are Cities. What's the difference between those in a black circle and those that aren't?

  2. Black circles are cities. Red triangles are control markers.