Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Games of Christmas - Part 2

We played 2 games last night.

Oz Fluxx
Fluxx is a very simple yet entertaining card game. The rules are simple: draw a card and then play a card. Your goal is to acquire "keeper" cards that match the goal. What makes the game challenging is that the goal, and even the rules themselves, can change due to the play of certain cards.

My wife loves the Oz books so she picked up the Oz version of Fluxx. We played 2 hands last night. In the first hand, I had the Wizard of Oz and Liquid Courage keeper cards in play. Elizabeth played a card that allowed her to draw an extra card, however she had to play that card. It was a goal card where you needed to have the Wizard and Liquid Courage in play. Insta-win for me! In the second game, she had Toto and I had Dorothy. The goal was to have both those cards in play. I then drew and played a card that allowed me to steal a card from her. I stole Toto and the win!

Battle Cry
After a couple of hands, my wife was ready for another game. She asked for a rematch of Battle Cry. She wanted to be Robert E. Lee so we decided to play the 2nd day of Gettysburg. I had a pair of leadership cards which allowed attached generals to order their unit, and provide an extra combat bonus. I was set up to attack her line when she hit me with forced marches in consecutive turns. Her grand assault punched a hole in my center-right. She then built fieldworks and clobbered any unit that tried to repel her. After destroying a bunch of my units and killing a general, she used a sharpshooter to take out another general. My troops had enough; Gettysburg was lost. Final score 6-1. Here is the final position:

Thomasina skipped Fluxx (she's not too keen on card games; she likes shiny components) but she hung out with us for Battle Cry.

Thomasina on her chair.
She turned her back on me because she hates the camera

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