Saturday, December 27, 2014

Year End Reflections

Back in January, I made some “predictions” about where my gaming was headed. Let’s see how things actually went:

Elder Scrolls – I mentioned the release of Elder Scrolls Online and how I expected it cut into my tabletop time. My wife didn’t like it and I have tired of MMOs so we really didn’t get into it. Instead, I got my wife (and my cat) into board games big time. Pretty much every weekend we hold a Family Game Night.

Francesia – as predicted, I have abandoned 15mm. It looks like I’ve adopted 2mm and 6mm. The Grayrock Revolution is still going on (unfortunately, I only played one scenario since March).

Illustrate my RPG sessions – as I mentioned earlier in December, I have only made slight progress.

Other Thoughts
Also, I have blogged more than last year (123 posts and counting vs. 82, a 50% increase). I’ve been enjoying the blog and have been using it as a gaming diary wherein I post random gaming thoughts as well as actual game reports.

Last year I mentioned one of the positive aspects of GADD (gamer’s attention deficit disorder) was experimentation with new genres. When I started this blog in early 2013 I really did not expect sci-fi to become so prominent in my gaming but it has really taken a hold (I’ll examine why in my next post).

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