Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Artemesia Campaign

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have been building up forces for a series of linked sci-fi battles. Below are the scenarios that I jotted down. I used the generic moniker of Galactic Authority vs. Rebels. In my Artemesia campaign the Galactic Authority is the Federation and the rebels are backers of a dictatorial coup. The situation could easily be reversed - an evil Empire against freedom fighters.

Galactic Authority vs. Rebels

Rebels have overthrown the rulers of the planet and have installed their own government. They have marshalled their ground and space forces to repulse any attempt by the galactic authority (GA) to re-instate the old rulers.


Clear a path (space battle) – the GA space navy must defeat the rebel forces, opening a path to invading the planet

  • Give the GA a set number of attempts to clear a path
  • GA forces return at full strength. Rebels retain losses to ships (although damages may be repaired and fighters return)
    • This represents the greater resources of the GA
  • Failure ends the campaign with a rebel victory
  • Success allows the campaign to proceed
This was the scenario for my battle last Sunday.

Desperate defense (space battle) – As GA ships move into orbit around the planet, a sortie by rebel ships (especially fighters) tries to knock out GA ships

  •  If rebels win, reduce the size of the GA forces in the next battle

Assault (ground battle) – GA land forces try to take the rebel HQ

  • Victory by the GA will end the campaign

Blockade runners (space battle) – rebels are trying to sneak supplies to the planet. The GA navy must prevent it.

  • If rebels succeed, increase or improve their army for the next scenario

Counterattack (ground battle) – rebel forces try to drive off the GA

  • If rebels succeed, they win the campaign
  • Otherwise, replay the scenarios beginning with Assault

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