Friday, January 1, 2016

What's in Store for 2016?

I have been doing a "What's in Store" post for the last couple of years. I realize that it is pretty much an exercise in futility. First of all, I refuse to set goals. Gaming should be fun, not a chore. My philosophy with gaming is "if it's not fun, don't do it." As a result, my gaming efforts tend to be very capricious, which makes predicting it future nigh impossible. Nevertheless, here is my take on where my gaming will go in 2016.

  • Family Game Night - this has become an entrenched tradition in my home. We don't play every weekend but we still manage 2-3 games a month. My wife is starting school on January, so this may decline a bit, but I still expect us to play semi-regularly.
  • 3mm - since I started this blog in 2013, I agonized over my choice of scale. I wanted something that was inexpensive, easy to paint but looked nice once I got units painted. Last year, I discovered Magister Militum's wonderful 3mm horse & musket range and was hooked. I want to do a 3mm medieval project but due to budget constraints that is a low priority. (If you checked the link, Oliver still lives with us).
  • More GADD - last year, I predicted I would be doing a lot more sci-fi gaming. Well, I was wrong on that score. I am not going to bother predicting what my period of choice will be this year.
  • One Hour Wargames - although I am uncertain what period I'll be gaming, one thing is pretty certain - I'll be using OHW. More specifically, I'll be using his Thomas's scenarios and simple campaign structure even though I don't use the rules themselves.
Well, that's about all I'm pretty certain about. As for the details, only time will tell.

Happy New Year!

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