Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wrapping Up the 12 Games of Christmas

The 12 Games of Christmas have come to a close. Here are the last few games we played:

Boss Monster
Tuesday night we played Boss Monster. Players take the role of the eponymous creature, building a dungeon and luring adventurers to their doom. Bwaa Haa Haa Haaaa!

My dungeon
Anyway, my wife started out hot, killing 4 or 5 adventurers to my 2. But then I started a comeback. On the last turn, she has 9 victory points and I had 8 (we needed 10 vps for victory). We were facing elite adventurers worth 2 points each. I managed to lure a cleric into my dungeon. Using a magic spell I was able to defeat him and garner 10 vps. The adventurers stayed away from my wife's dungeon so she was stuck at 9 vps at the end of the turn. I won!

My winning haul
Space Hulk: Death Angel
My wife was tired Wednesday night so I played a solo game of Death Angel. Set in the 40K universe, players are Space Marines investigating a space hulk. Here is my hand as I enter the penultimate room.

4 of 6 Space Marines still left.
 I lost 2 marines in this room but managed to make it to the last room. I forget what the exact mission was but I just needed to activate the control panel to win. One marine made it there but the survivors were then overwhelmed by genestealers.

Basically, this ended up the same way as every other playing - DEATH. Probably why I don't play it much.

Mice & Mystics
We skipped a game on New Year's Eve (honestly, I fell asleep very early) but we were back in action on Friday with Mice and Mystics.

Our mission was to find and defeat the castle's resident cat.

Oliver says that the cat must win

It's a long scenario so we did not finish yet. We still managed to clear out a couple of rooms. We both controlled 2 characters, but Elizabeth was the star of the adventure.. In one room, we tangled with a spider, a very hard enemy. She rolled for Collin, one of her characters. One 3 dice, she scored 3 hits, and all of them counted double because of a bonus Collin had. So in 1 shot, he sliced and diced the spider into ribbons.
Elizabeth's roll against the spider.
One dead spider.
 Later, she had a similar roll with Lily the archer. Four hits on four dice.
Lily's dead-eye shooting
Oz Fluxx
Last night, we finished with a couple of hands of Oz Fluxx (sorry no pics). I took the first hand but Elizabeth won the second when I accidentally gave her the game. I transferred a creeper card (usually very bad) to her. But she had a card that let her win with it.

By my count, that was the 12th game. Elizabeth is working today and I go back tomorrow so we are likely going back to once a week games. Now Thomasina, our game-loving cat, will really be feeling the post-Christmas blues. :(

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