Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Portable Adventure

Although I am very satisfied with the Four Against Darkness rules, I have been less pleased with my set-up for it. For the most part, I've been running and recording adventures on my computer. For example, here is an illustration of an encounter in a previous adventure.

Khamen and Candorra take on the evil priests
Sometimes there is just no substitute for physical components. Therefore, I want to create a boxed portable RPG. Today, I ran a 4AD scenario with an experimental box.

I created a battle board using the same technique as my portable wargame boards, but with gray paper. For today's experiment, I used tokens (hearts = heroes) instead of miniatures. I recorded the game info in my Hobbit notebook.

The page on the left has character notes while the right has a rough map and notes about the adventure.

Obviously it's very rough right now but I'll work it out. I was debating about getting miniatures but I am actually leaning toward creating counters using the paper flats I've downloaded (such as the ones in the encounter above). In today's adventure, I also needed to refer to tables on my computer. In the future, I'll print them out and keep them in the box.

By the way, I recorded the first part of the adventure on Tales of the Templars. The second part will be forthcoming. Together they form a complete game for the 6 x 6 challenge.

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