Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Status Update

Well, January has ended and it has been very productive.

Six by Six
One month in and I have completed 7 games (complete list here), far more than I expected.
(Note that Kaptain Kobold's list is missing my latest 4AD adventure, which I posted on Tales of the Templars)

I'm not going to get too excited. I have a history of starting strong in January then petering out, as shown by this graph of average blog posts per month.

I'm not sure why there is such a lull in August. Summer in South Florida is when one wants to be inside, away from the heat and humidity. I would think that the weather would promote more games.

Portable Wargame
One reason for my success in playing games is my boxed portable wargame project. Inspired by Bob Cordery, I am endeavoring to put together games that can fit into a plastic box. I have found that I often will not play a game, even if I have time, because I don't feel like setting it up. A portable wargame makes set-up a snap, so I am more motivated to pull one out.

To fit it all in a box, I had to shrink down the battlefield (along with the armies, terrain, etc.). In a fit of madness, I made 4 boards - grass, desert, sea, and space. I'm still compiling components so I don't have one completed one yet. Still, I have made progress.

New Forces
I was concerned that I would not have room in the box for my current 3mm armies so I decided to put together some new forces specifically for my box.

I started by ordering some Irregular 2mm. Here are the (rather blurry) new armies:

A medieval fantasy one for the southern kingdom of Presteria (inspired by Prester John).

Ironically, I had the idea for the Presterian army but shelved it. Then Kaptain Kobold posted about his HoTT version which piqued my interest again. Then, when I decided to go with 2mm, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to create my own Prester John army.

And here is their sworn enemies, the desert barbarians of Swartheria.

I still have some touch-up to do and there are some archers still on the painting table. But these armies are close to done.

As I waited for these troops to arrive, I began building my battle boards. I made ones for sea and space, even though I didn't have miniatures that would fit the smaller board. I decided to rectify that situation, starting with my space fleets. Here is the result so far (another bad picture):

The blue ships are from the Federation fleet (the good guys). I chose to use the same paint scheme as their ground forces. The big ship (bottom of the picture) was meant to be a battleship but now I'm calling it a cruiser. It is about an inch long. I had some small wooden circles and ended up making some flaying saucers (with the help of some lentils). The smaller saucers are just lentils. I also started an Imperial fleet (the red ship). I recently got these ships into action and will post the report tomorrow.


  1. "Note that Kaptain Kobold's list is missing my latest 4AD adventure, which I posted on Tales of the Templars"

    It's hard enough tracking sixteen blogs without you doing your reports on another :)

  2. Understood, sorry about that. I'll do a monthly overview on this blog of any RPG sessions that I do on my other one.

  3. Regarding Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame he's now released a book. See
    I think I'll be getting a copy with my next Amazon order.

  4. Sorry, I thought the link would copy correctly. I guess I'm missing something. Sadly I'm new to all this and don't know. Anyhow - search Amazon and I'm sure you'll find it.


  5. I just got Portable Wargame on my nook and am reading it. Good stuff!