Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ambush at Antarea

Word came from the border system of Antarea. An Imperial cruiser dropped out of hyperwarp and was drifting aimlessly in space. The Federation Fleet scrambled, sending a squadron consisting of the cruiser Providence and two escorts.

The destroyers approach the Imperial ship. It appears to be derelict.

Suddenly, a swarm of space saucers drop out of hyperwarp and engage. One of the escorts is severely damaged.

It flees the battle. The second destroyer manages to evade damage. The Providence opens fire on one of the mother ships, to no avail.

The second destroyer flees.

And it slightly damaged. With the odds against it, Providence decides to withdraw.

It also takes damage before it can escape.

The Federation Fleet took it on the chin with the alien ambush. Three ships were damaged (one severely). But it could have been worse - no ships were lost.

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