Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October Update

Six by Six
Dead on the water. No 6 x 6 games played this month so I am still stuck at 28 games.
I may be able to finish Ticket to Ride but I doubt I'll play any Slipstream or DC Rivals. My wife grew bored of the latter and I find the next encounter in the Slipstream plot point campaign to be unappealing.

This month was dedicated to experiments with Manoeuvre. While the rules did not work for me, I liked the components. This got me thinking about making counters to represent my imagi-nation armies of Redgrave, Blulderia, etc. I could also add some artillery (which are lacking in Manoeuvre).

I thought about making some Little Wars looking armies, including guardsmen in big, furry hats or pointy helmets. I could not find suitable paper minis at Junior General and I don't have the artistic skill to make my own. This leaves me leaning toward 18th century soldiers, but I haven't decided yet.

Vampire Humting
This being Halloween season, I have been interested in some horror gaming. I was particularly interested in Fury of Dracula when I saw it played on Tabletop. However, it looks a bit long and complicated for my wife and me. I had a flash of inspiration and have been designing my own game of vampire hunting.

An early prototype
I'm still early in the design phase but will share details soon.

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