Sunday, November 26, 2017

Saturday Night Race

Last night we decided to play a short game. I suggested Machinas and my wife readily agreed. I set up a 2-lap race.

I controlled the blue car, my wife took the orange, and the black car was run as a non-player. I roared off to an early lead.

The black cat had his money on the black car.

The cars traded positions throughout the race, On the final curve my wife zoomed ahead,

In the final straightaway, I passed her. The black car also passed her and then tried to get past me. I managed to hold him off for the win.

We did precious little shooting or bashing in this race. I tried to bash once but failed. My wife wanted to shoot, multiple times, but generally failed to win the passing attempt. When she did win, she felt that there was no advantage in shooting. My sentiments as well.

Regardless, she enjoyed the race. And I finished another 6 x 6 game.

SIX BY SIX - Game 5.2