Friday, January 25, 2013

A Couple of Down in Flames Pictures

I recently reviewed Dan Versenn Game's Down in Flames. I began a campaign - Poland 1939. The first mission was a cakewalk for the Germans. I randomly rolled to determine assets (normally, the players pick their assets), and ended with a single Polish P11c against a Bf 109 E and Bf 110 escorting a single Stuka.

Here is a somewhat blurry picture.

The P11c did manage to score some hits on the Stuka, but then the escorts came in and blasted the Pole from the skies. The Stuka's bombs then damaged its target, a Polish airfield.

In this picture, my cat Cooper decided to take on the Luftwaffe.

I played 2 missions of the campaign. Naturally, the Germans are winning but they are doing worse than historical. I should finish up the campaign, but the revolution in Grayrock is calling to me!

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