Sunday, December 7, 2014

An Orbital Battle

With the rebel fleet out of the way, elements of the Federation Navy descend upon the planet Artemesia. Federation capital ships assumed orbit around the planet preparing to bombard rebel military facilities. As one of these ships, the Federation battleship Crusader, neared orbit, rebel forces consisting of a destroyer and 3 fighter squadrons sortied to discourage the invaders.

Below is a pictorial account of the battle.

Crusader's sensors detect approaching enemy ships
A rebel fighter squadron and destroyer surge ahead
The Federation destroyer draw first blood.
The battleship has launched fighters which are vectored onto an intercept course.
Meanwhile, the rest of the rebels move up
The Crusader's long range guns pummel the rebel destroyer.
The Federation fighters win the dogfight.
The rebel fighters make torpedo passes at the Crusader.
Battle swirls around the Crusader.
Torpedoes slam into the Crusader and her escort!
The Federation fighter squadron is defeated.
The Federation destroyer is crippled.
The Crusader suffers more torpedo damage.
Severely damaged, the Crusader jumps into hyperwarp.
After the engagement, the Federation fleet converged but by then the rebels had fled. Nevertheless, they performed stellar duty for their cause. Without an orbital bombardment, more rebels will be ready to meet the invaders.

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