Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On My Worktable

I've was off work yesterday while workmen were fixing my bathroom. With nothing else to do, I pondered Sunday's starship battle. A number of ideas popped into my head for a series of linked battles (including ground battles) for the control of Artemesia. Alas, I don't have the figures for sci-fi ground battles. I thought about placing an order with Silver Eagle for some Irregular 2mm but I was feeling impatient. Once again, The Stronghold Rebuilt provided an answer - scratch-built forces, like the ones Kaptain Kobold did for his Giant Monster Rampage games - such as these and these.

I had today scheduled off as well in case the workmen needed more time, but fortunately they finished yesterday. So I started some work of my own. Here is my worktable as of a few minutes ago.

Sci-Fi Forces in Progress
Here is the list of items, generally from top left to bottom
  • A missile launcher and 4 tanks - it is hard to see them in this photo. They are made from various bits of craft wood. I need to get some pins for the guns.
  • 2 stands of infantry - made of bits of toothpicks. It was very fiddly gluing them to the bases. I'm going to shop for hair curlers to make up the rest of the infantry. I think these stands will represent infantry in battle suits.
  • Air support fighter/bomber - made from one of the oval pieces I used for destroyer hulls, with wings and tail made from halves of craft wood squares, and a lentil cockpit
  • 3 damage markers - made from wood buttons painted orange. I made add some gray on the tops to look like smoke.
  • Another missile launcher and 2 tanks - these tanks have lentil turrets
  • A battleship - to bombard the planet on one of the scenarios.
  • 3 squadrons of saucer-shaped fighters - made of lentils.
I still have some painting to do. I think I goofed up by painting the bases first. It is how I do 2mm figure blocks, but I paint the blocks before mounting them to their bases. I expect that I will get some paint on the bases and will have to touch them up. Oh well.

On another note, we played Elder Sign on Saturday. My wife and I were devoured by the Ancient One but my brother-in-law managed to banish it back to its own dimension. I just wanted to show off our "monster cup" (where we keep the unplayed monsters during the game).

Our "monster cup" aloing with the Elder Sign game

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