Thursday, December 11, 2014

Some RPG Thoughts

Over at my Tales of the Templars blog I have completed one Space Templar adventure and have begun a new one.

Early this year I mentioned that one of my goals for my RPGs was to illustrate my adventures. I haven't made a ton of progress on this, although I have been pulling monster illustrations from the internet for use in my posts, such as this one.

So far, I have not illustrated the space battles that feature prominently in Tales of the Space Princess adventures (you have to escape the "dark lord's" lair in a spaceship while pursued by his minions - kind of like the Millennium Falcon's escape). For my latest session, I put together this virtual board designed to look like a sensor screen.

It should suffice until I put together some minis and a board.

In other news, I was perusing old posts on Grognardia and came across a review of X-plorers, an old-school sci fi rpg. I liked what I read so I picked up a copy. Silly me; I paid for it and then found out that there is a free, no-art PDF version available. (I prefer no-art PDFs because they are cheaper than print and take up less disk space). Oh well, it was still money well spent. Definitely some good ideas that will be borrowed for my games.

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